PDG Solutions LLC was formed in 2001 by Dan Graves after years of working in the manufacturing industry. 


Dan's experience started when he was a young boy, working in his father's machine shop, Universal Precision Machining (UPM) in Dallas, Texas. His father, V.L. (Bill) Graves, was a life-long master machinist and taught Dan the fundamentals to machining, fixturing and cutting tools.


While studying Mechanical Engineering in college, Dan excelled in CNC machining and programming while he continued work in the family business. After working his way through every phase of the UPM until it was sold in 1993, Dan gained further experience working in such jobs as a senior manufacturing engineer for a heavy equipment manufacturer, a technical sales representative for a cutting tools supplier and a machining manager for a large investment casting foundry.



Sample Projects:






  • Ellison Technologies

    Project Management and Project Engineering for automated turnkey systems.


    One such turnkey in Florence KY, included 18 HMC’s, 7 Robots, conveyors, pin stampers, bar code scanners, vision alignment systems and various other automation support pieces.  Our function included full management duties as the single point of contact for the customer and all vendors and contractors.  We guided and approved all fixture and tooling designs as well as maintained full management of the system integration and implementation.

  • Makino Inc.

    Retained on numerous projects to provide technical expertise and problem solving skills in turnkey applications throughout many years. 


    Provide assistance to the Research and Development group in the studies and implementation on grinding and honing techniques on a machining center such as: Single Pass Diamond Honing, Plated CBN and Diamond wheel grinding, Vitrified CBN and Vitrified Aluminum Oxide (VIPER) grinding. 


    Work with the marketing and sales group to establish time estimates and provide technical sales assistance and sales presentations to prospective customers. 

  • Blum LMT

    Assist in developing customized Probing and/or Laser routines as well as develop custom NX post processors.

  • General Electric Aviation Group

    Developed patented precision coupling grinding process.


    Develop error-proofed and automated manufacturing techniques for the highly sensitive ceramic based light weight jet engine components.

  • General Motors - Powertrain

    Indentify and improve manufacturing problems as well as implement machining process changes in various Powertrain plants throughout North America.


    Develop and test new probing techniques with Powertrain R&D group to be later implemented globally with new Lean manufacturing techniques.

  • GKN Aerospace

    Designed and developed 5-axis blade and vane "VIPER" grinding processes and programs. 


    Designed diamond dressing rolls for grinding process. 


    We work with in-house engineers and vendors to design fixtures, rolls and grinding wheels which best suited the processes being developed.

  • Parker Hannifin

    Project Management and Process Engineering of new machining cells in the overall strategy to modernize machining facilities.


    Projects include working with the machine tool, tooling and fixturing vendors to recommend and approve all products purchased by for the line. 


    All projects required the development and writing of all CNC programs, process prove-out, documentation and employee training to operate and manage the process and machines. 


    Provide general manufacturing technical assistance with current processes along with developing and proposing process improvement plans.

  • Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis L.L.P

    Legal representatives for world’s largest tooling manufacturer.

    Retained as “Technical Experts” after a search of prospects provided by national representatives from around the country.  Our function was to review and explain all technical papers and drawings provided by the plaintiff and defendant, attend opposing depositions, provide a line of questioning for the attorneys to present the deposed, along with writing general technical opinions.  This litigation ended very successfully for our client.